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Switch : le leak chinois de Foxconn était donc vrai ?

17 janvier 2017 Koopaskull 0 Comments

Souvenez vous y’a 1 mois un gros leak bien détaillé de la Switch en provenance de Baidu (facebook chinois), d’une personne travaillant soit disant sur la chaine de production… et bin en regardant cette image ci dessous, on notera que pour les joycons il ne sait pas trompé, y’a bien 2 couleurs bleu et orange, même pour le poids, on retrouve les boutons SL et SR !

Pareil sur le poids de la console qui est bien de 300g.

Dock: * There’s no advanced technology in the dock, it seems pretty cheap and light, feels really plastic, no extra power, it just a output; * 1x USB3.0, 1x hdmi, on the side 2xUSB2.0 on the dock; * There’s no fan on the dock, but hole on the back of the dock to allow air absorbing then out from the console’s top vent

Console: * Looking at the screen it looks like is 1080p multi-touch screen, according to the spec show up on the software test * Can see the 5×0.8cm heat sink from the vent on the 0.8cm width, 12cm L shape heat pipe, looks quite shabby but heat performance is really good, not too hot from the console, the software demo testing is millions of fish and running almost 8 days, there’s no single frames drops *The screen is not very bright, speculated can’t see clear from outdoor *Looking at the core, it’s a 10×10 core, from the test, CPU 1785mhz, GPU 921mhz, EMC 1600mhz *Speculated CPU is arm A73 pascal, much powerful than X1, when tested it only shows ARM_V8 structure hence the speculation *Confirmed it’s USB-C charging *Speculated the core is made by TSMC, but it doesn’t have its logo on it, looking really good *Running thousands of fish software demo to make sure the system is running fine *Saw orange and blue controller *Heating fan noise is not loud *Power adapter is external *There’s 4G console version, confirmed *Can be charged while playing *Battery 4310mA, 3.7 not changable *It’s been testing over 11750min, it’s all running stably and smoothly, not single frame drops using the software demo (fish) *Speculated 2x ram = 4GB *About 300g weight, thought it was 1000g or something and was pretty surprise it’s 300g console only (excluding joycon etc), used digital scale to weigh

Joy-con: *There’s 2 shoulder button on each joy-con, they are called SL, SR *It’s very complex inside, apart from the motherboard in the console, screen, Joy-con is the most valuable in the whole system *The battery inside Joy-con is about 5cm x 2cm x 0.5cm *Very light, about 50g * (22 Nov update) Battery 525mA

Production: *Produced 2100 units per day in one line, the whole factory can produce 20000per day *Very good quality control, don’t worry about the build quality *They shipped to Japan, and Australia recently

Devkit version :*A much powerful version, producing 2000x units for now *The core is 1x times bigger than the one above,200m㎡, looking it looks like 12×18 *2 extra ram, this version is 8GB *2x wifi, 1hdmi, 1x mini dp, 1x ethernet, 2x unidentified socket, 3x network led indicator, *Looks much more complex than the normal version, 6, 7 extra unidentified storage, different socket *Not sure if this is Devkit, or it’s an advanced version, not sure if Nintendo will release it (22 Nov 2016 update) Confirmed it’s a devkit, and Nintendo was coming to exam the devkit today *No dock for this version for now *Can be plugged into TV without docking, power is inside *Speculated provided the core is only include GPU, it would be even more powerful than PS4 pro *Screen is the same size as the normal one *It’s much more powerful, but also much heavier, not feeling great in hand, speculated for 4K gaming *Haven’t seen such a huge core, and it’s 16nm + 100mm2 main core *There’s no battery inside this version


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